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For Sale: Wyred 4 Sound (W4S) uDac

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Wyred 4 Sound (W4S) uDac

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Wyred 4 Sound (W4S) uDac


My conditions: For items which don’t include shipping (usually the cheap stuff), shipping is usually $20 - $25 (to Canada or the USA) so buy a bunch of stuff to make it worthwhile. I accept most payment methods. All prices are negotiable and I'm happy to do package deals. If any of my prices don’t reflect what everyone else is asking please PM and so I can fix it. I like to keep communications quick so if I don’t hear back from you 48 hours after I send a PM/email than I reserve the right to sell the item to a different buyer. I have positive feedback on Fourthirdsphoto, FredMiranda, Pentax forums and GetDPI as Albino_BlacMan and on eBay as ctp046.


Price: $340 shipped (It goes for $400 + shipping new)

Description: Good condition, sounds amazing! It doesn’t seem to play nice with Foobar via the USB cable (sometimes you have to click the song multiple times to get it to start, see my thread here: Works awesome via optical cable though. I’m selling because my new computer doesn’t have a toslink or Coaxial optical output. Doesn’t come with any cables or anything

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What are you selling for $125?
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Ooops I was selling Project sunrise amp for $125.


I'll change that!



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Ok Thx!, Good luck with the sale!
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I'm open to offers

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