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Buy headphone in Japan

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Hi all;


I am going to Japan very soon and wanna pick one IEM and one headphone;


my gears:--


X3, Clip+

IEM : FXT90, Klipsch S4, CKM500

Headphone : Denon D1100, Creative Live!, HA-S500


I think around JPY7900 for the ATH IM70 will be a good upgrade of FXT90 (the one i use every day now)

that is around 40% off when compare to HK market price.


alternatives : - JVC FZ100, Sony XBA-H1?? any advice?

Any other suggestion with similar budget?


Headphone; looking for something portable and kind of all-rounder


the Denon D1100 bass is not hard enough, HA-S500 bass is enough, but the mid and high comparatively muddy to me

The Creative Live is in the middle of these two.


I am considering ES700, WS99, JVC HA-SZ1000 and M50

Tried ES700,

bass impact is good and hit hard, mid and high clarity and extension seems not good as D1100 ;


I can't find any test point here for the other 3;

Is the M50 only come with the coiled cable, which makes it not really portable (I think)

Worth the extra for the M50x? Sound wise same?


before the FXT90, I think I am a basshead;

now, i know balance with enough bass is also very enjoyable


any advice and suggestion welcome!!

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On more in my radar : --:Creative Live 2;

will it be a good upgrade?

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For bass heavy IEMs, I'd recommend the IM70 anytime.

As for the headphones, the M50X just adds an extra detachable cable (there are other minor changes, but I think this is the most noticeable). If the cable is your main problem I don't see why not going for them.

Another thing, Japan's headphones store has hundreds of headphones or IEMs for audition, no worries there.
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Thanks Slash;


I will give them a try there.

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