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Best headphones to buy at the moment, One more thread about this i know :P

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Im a student on a tightish budget and im looking for a new pair of Headphones.

Over the past 4 days ive literally seen every model there is on amazon ebay etc etc pored over a million makes and im totally shocked at the number of choice :O

Anyways, im looking for closed back and circum aural headphones, well i say that but basically i want headphones which offer good noise isolation for use on the tube and plane and such.

Im lookking for goodish bass (Im not a bass head though) but good sound quality over all with more emphasis on something that makes electronic and house music sound good.

My budget is 60ish pounds but im swaying towards 80ish pounds (Maximum) because im so confused

Currently in my shortlist are the skull candy crushers, Audio technica ATH M40X and M50 and maybe the avantree audition headphones.

Uncertain about them all due to unnecesary bass maybe i can get something for a better price that doesnt go that over the top for bass, lack of bass lack of bass and uncertain about the audio quality as it has so many features for such a low price (For the 4 headphones respectively)

Please help! Open to all suggestions :)

(My first post on this site hope it was okay :P)

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I just read the automated inbox and im abit confused is this the wrong section for this? How do you delete a post made? Sorry if i made a mistake :P

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Try here, this section is more appropriate -




Don't worry too much about posting here though, it's just that you'll likely get a better response there.

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At the top end of budget £80 audio technica m50 can be had for £80 odd these days and logitech UE6000 £70 delivered are well thought of innerfidelity likes the ue6000 a bit more than the akg k550.


Lindy hf-100 aka beta brainwavz hm5 £65 delivered 

creative aurvana live 1 for £50

M-Audio Studiophile Q40 £50 if you can find them.


If you want true bargains look at the superlux / samson range and fischer audio FA 004 v2 which come in many oem forms such as the very cheaply priced maxell retro dj headphone they are rebadged fischer audio FA 004v2.


At £69.99 delivered on that auction site new from a trusted proven uk seller the logitech UE 6000 are perfect for you imo they hold their own and are better than many a more expensive closed can such as AKG K550 in passive mode and you can put batteries in to utilize the noise cancelling features for travel and even have the detachable cable so any old replacement cables can be purchased (unlike the m50)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_4Kt5vKuls logitech UE 6000 review this guy knows his stuff and compared them to akg k550 which people consider better than m50's.

The goldring ns1000 are also great value noise cancelling cans but the build quality isn't good they always snap and crack in the stress points.

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Few questions, what auction site are you referring to?

And also im going by amazon prices which are higher than in store for afew brands  im sure so any advise on other sites with lower prices or another source cos amazon is my only reference :/

Anyway you just narrowed my choice to 2 headphones (Having sold me on the UE600 :D) whats your opinion on the M40X vs the Ue6000 the M40Xs have detachable cables and all sorts of party tricks and i cant choose, can you advise? And another thing, Any idea if its a good idea to look for high end Second hand headphones? Im a sucker for the circumaural Tiesto AKGs but the price is way too high, saw them on ebay for 67pounds but not sure i ould trust that, any advise?

You just made my life a whole lot easier thanks buddy!

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On ebay uk seller UE6000 £69.99 free delivery don't worry they are not fakes, 13 sold and everyone's been happy.


I'd imagine they p all over the m40x seeing as they are better than akg k550 which in turn are widely considered to be better than m50's.

The m50's get their hype because they are cheaper in the sates and represent more value it's only recently we have been seeing m50's for £85 ish or less.


To me the battle of choice should be between the ue6000 and m50 my personal opinion the ue 6000 would be the choice because of the mobility and noise cancelling and detachable cable.

One downside is the earpads aren't replaceable but the m50's are so if you want something to last 5 years + maybe get the m50 as cheap as you can and put up with the long cable and inevitable requirement to replace the cable down the line.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYQ_PPvD9Bk as you can see here he rates the akg k550 as better than the m50 and in turn rates the ue6000 better than the k550.

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