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For Sale:
Elekit TU-882 Japanese Tube Amplifier

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi, I'm selling my tube amp, Elekit TU-882, that works superbly with the HD650, which is a tube amp(lots of post on headfi regarding HD650 working well with tube amps).  It is made in Japan, so it has a very good build quality.  What is nice is that it has 3 output impedance setting so that you can use it with headphones of different impedances, from 4~20ohms to 100~1kohms.  So, it's a nice flexable amp.  It provides lots of juice that the high impedance can need.


Here is are more information about the amp.  Skylab, who listened to many amps ranks it very high, and it shows that it's a very good value for the cost.



I'm letting go of the tube amp for $300 


Also I have up for sale is my beloved Sennheiser HD650.  As you can see, they are in really good condition as I babied them.  These are definately broken in as I had them for a few years.  I'm letting go of these because I haven't been using these that much lately and need to gather funds for a trip I'm planning.  It comes with the original box and everything that came with it.  I'm letting go the HD650 for $sold.


If will let go of HD650 and the amp for $XX less than if bought separately for $XXX


Paypal fees applicable if not gifted.  International buyers pay for insurance, declarations, and shipping.


Any questions, feel free to PM me, and I'll answer as promptly as I can.

Thank  you for looking,


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