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For Sale: TUBE SALE0- 6SN7 tubes and 6F8G

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For Sale:
TUBE SALE0- 6SN7 tubes and 6F8G

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Tungsol- Black Glass plate rare oval matched pair.  $325.00 shipped CONUS



Tungsol  Black Glass glass flat plate 1942 matched pair NOS Army Signal Corps tubes  $235.00 shipped



Sylvania VT 99(6F8G)  matched dpairs and very close in sound to the tungsol BGP  $135.00 



Sylvania 6sN7-  Matched pair  $90.00 CONUS  shipping included


Westinghouse NOS 65.00 matched pair in boxes   CONUS shipping included


Phillips  2 pairs of new matched 5R4GYS rectifiers 90.00 shipped per pair CONUS


RCA 5U4G matched pair  100.00 pair shipped CONUS



Ionly sell to members with positive feedback. i will ship internationally for the additional shipping charges and I wont sell unless your account is pay-pal verified and ship to the address on record with that account. Thanks for looking I am selling excess tubes.  If you dont have positive or any feedback please don ask me to sell them to you.

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