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is this a d-555 ?

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i need some help:


i'm not too sure how the supposedly best
sony discman ever looks like...

thanks !
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Yup - that's the one - watch out though - there's no anti skip on the thing. Supposed to sound wonderful though.
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TI is z555
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Here is another D-555 pic from a current ebay auction, but the unit is possibly non-functional, no guaranties.

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Here is another shot of the 555.

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thanks, guys !
i guess i'll give it a shot.
how much money would you pay for it anyways ?
(being functional and in good shape)
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In good condition, it would probably bring $125-175 here in the US, a D-777 just closed on ebay for 137.50. Personally I wouldn't pay much over $100 for it, and I'd probably lose the auction too.

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Look at this one:
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Can u post a picture again...one more time. thanks
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No problem.
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Did u get a chance to make a comparison b/w the D303 to the D555? Do u happen to have all of these models? Do u want to sell your 303???(kidding)...but will be nice...to know. thanks.
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Purk, I don't have a D-555. The picture is from Ebay actually. I also bought D-303 from Ebay. It costed me USD60. You can guess what the final cost was considering the customs tariff and postage to China. It's over USD100!

I was happy to find my D-303 was a brand-new one upon its arrival. So, keep an eye on your intersting things at Ebay auction. You may have the chance to find a nearly new D-555 well under USD100. Haha...
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i had never seen and appreciated these D303 and DZ555,but i know they are the best discmans in the world.at time of these days ,i was accompanied with my d777.and i use 888lp.i think d777 is a real "walk"man.because it is samall in size,beautiful on the its surface.i also could appreciate from its good sound!
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Don't get jealous of me now, b/c I just scored on "almost new...D555", according to the seller. He said, "everything is included, and their is no scratch on the unit. However, battery does not hold much charge. So...you can expect me to be a very happy and very broke man...after own many top notch pcdp players. I am wonder how big is the D555? But, man...it should sound better than the D303...b/c....I just love that machine.

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Geee, you really got a big deal!!!

By the way, what's the price?
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