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So I just got a new Astro Mix Amp, buying it new was as cheap as finding a used one. It is the Mix Amp Pro 2013 edition and I have it all hooked up and sound is perfectly fine. However, when it is plugged in I cannot get any sound out of my T.V.. When I am playing games such as Call of Duty this is fine, I could care less.. However when I quit the game and want to go to netflix etc. or if I wanted to play another game I didnt need my headphones for it is annoying to not have sound. So is there a way that I can get my PS3 to only send audio through the optical cable when the Mix Amp is turned on (this way I can turn the mix amp on when I want it and off when I want sound through my TV) and the rest of the time just send audio through the TV? I tried the Dual-Output thing but I coudlnt figure it out as it kept resetting it to "OFF" 


Bonus Question.

I have not yet been able to order and mod mic and I use a bluetooth cellphone mic as my usual mode of voice imput. Can I have game sound and voice output going through my headphones and the mix amp with my chat in going through my bluetooth?


Thanks for the help.