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As the title suggests I want to purchase some new headgear for my computer and was thinking of 2 headsets. Keep in mind I have a soundblaster z card. I do not own a amp and would gladly purchase one. 

I heard good things about this one and while I don't mind paying for quality I really don't care for going to extremes. However if there is a recomendation for soemthing better ill gladly change this part.


The headsets I was thinking are these two here.

Was thinking of the 250 ohm pro version. I read a good review of headsets that these scored 8.5 our higher on all areas.


The other headset was this here.


Basically my budget is 450 with the amp. I was thinking of going with the 363 because I could use the USB until I had more funds for a better amp, plus i go to my other two brothers alot and use there computers as well and one does not have a sound card..


I just purchased a tb ssd and 2 video cards so that sucked my fun money away but I have been using a crappy Logitech G35 that was given as a gift and I can tell they are bad by sound alone. Also I'm stuck on these two only so bear that in mind. Unless there is strong evidence that shows a alternative that will be comparable our better then ill stick with these 2. Thanks for you'r time and best regards.

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