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Hook up Roku, PS4 to integrated audio amp to play through LS-50

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Hi, I apologize if this has been asked before, but after searching I could not come to any good explanation.


I have a pair of KEF LS-50s I bought used, and am in the market for an integrated amp, e.g., peachtree, creek, etc...  I want to be able to have my audio sources plugged into this amp, but also a roku and ps4 which connect through HDMI.  I don't want a whole receiver deal as the audio output from them is generally fairly bad in comparison to a decent integrated amp, so what is the best way to go about this?


Should I get a cheap receiver and plug the two HDMI cables into it, and then just output the audio if the receiver has an audio pass-through (so it doesn't have to go through its terrible circuitry)?  Is there just a splitter box I can get that will pass the video signal to my TV while stripping the audio signal which I can pass to my integrated amp?


Or is there simply no way to watch TV with the audio flowing through my integrated 2 ch amp.



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You could get a pre-processor, and then get a power amp smily_headphones1.gif
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Is that the best way?  I guess I would have thought some integrated amplifiers include minimal hdmi functionality, meaning they extract the audio then just pass the video through an output.  No surround sound or whatever other garbage, just extract the audio and treat it like a regular digital audio source.

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Integrated amps don't include HDMI because that requires multichannel digital processing with a multichannel DAC to get the digital signal converted to analogy.

I would just go with a mid to high end AVR given that you need the digital processing for the Roku and PS4. I personally think the difference between good AVRs and integrated amps is exaggerated, and often by old audiophiles who are stuck in the 1980s. (lol)

The amplifiers in good AVRs measure very well, and you can always use the AVR in a pure/direct mode (bypass the digital processing completely) when using analog sources. For instance, look at the audio rating that Sound and Vision gave to the Pioneer Elite SC-71, and then check out the measurements later in the review. You are talking about minute differences between that and a $600 or $700 integrated amp (you have to spend less on the amp because you still need a pre-processor or receiver), if any real audible difference at all.

Plus, for gaming and movies, I would think you would want a good sub to pair up with LS50s, and AVRs provide robust bass integration. Also, a good AVR will have excellent room correction software which you could try and see if you like. There are some old fuddy duddy audiophiles out there who have a lot of disdain for some of these features, but there are a lot of us in the newer generation who feel that they work very, very well smily_headphones1.gif
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What if I just bought a relatively cheap Denon, like



Do you think that could power the speakers during TV and movies?  Then I could run an IA through the Denon if it has a passthrough line

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I doubt that model has anyway to hook up an external amp. Pre-outs on receivers tend only to be on middle level or better receivers because people buying budget receivers don't hook up amps to them. LOL

Plus, I don't know why you would want to cheat out your movie watching when blurays are mastered at 96 kHz or 192 kHZ, 24 bit.

If you want to go with an AVR, what other people do is skip the integrated amp idea and get an AVR with pre-outs and attach a power amp (not integrated amp). But if you are after audiophile brand amplification, check out one of the NAD receivers. 137 watts with 2 channels drive into 8 ohms.

I don't know how I linked to the wrong thing above. Here's that Pioneer review link. LOL
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