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Ibasso, best in class?

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Hi all

I've been wondering recently, we get a lot of news on up and coming things such as Astell and Kern and FiiO x5 e.t.c. maybe not to you, but to me, they're very expensive.

The class I'm talking of is under £150. And by best I don't mean at individual aspects, I mean all round, for a guideline, look at this before voting

Build- not just outside and screen cracking, do the internals last, does the jack split? does the digitizer go funny? does the sound card go past its best before? e.t.c.

Sound Quality- NOT sound signature, that's subjective, I mean in terms of detail, and the feel of it (if the signature goes towards this, feel free to add a little).

Power- speaks for itself really, does it just about drive sony mdr zx100, or is Audeze's LCD 2 making your ears bleed from excessive volume when you plug it in.

Portability- as above, does it fit in your pocket, or do you need a backpack

Battery Life- all of these self explanitory ones...

Memory and compatibility- by that I mean, space, is it expandable, and by how much e.t.c. and compatibility, are the files that go on it, does it play flac and ogg vorbis or does it push out mp3s

Extra bits and Bobs- the open class for this one, how many weird and wonderful (or useful?) features and featurrettes does it have?

Post in lists of mp3s that fit under £150, and your ratings out of 10 ten being good, one being... well lets hope there are no ones... and there will be a vote later.

thanks in advance. (Ibasso dx50 is my favourite4 despite my not owning it...)

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Best in this class, no doubt for me too....but there will be 164800 guys out there telling you something else... :-) stay strong!
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Depends on what else you'll be using with it, any other dacs/amps/iems/headphones etc?  The DX50 does sound good for it's price but the rest of your gear should match well with it. 

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I've got to say, two good responses, and in answer two the second, I mean in terms of a ridiculous world where line out amps don't exist and all headphones are 100% accurate and they are all driven straight from the source
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