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Hello fellow music aficionados. I just recently discovered the headphone world, and after hours of reading everything I could, including many, many posts on Head-Fi, I decided to join to get involved in the conversations, and to post a question about one of my purchases in another forum. I recently bought a Sennheiser HD 600 and a FiiO X5 DAP. Wow, this has opened up a whole new world of music appreciation for me.


I grew up in Hope, Arkansas, where the Klipsch speaker plant is located. My father was a friend of Paul Klipsch. When I was 17 years old, in 1973, Paul Klipsch gave us a tour of the plant. At the end of the tour, he took us to his listening room. Of course, it was set up acoustically perfect. He had it set up with the Klipschorns in the corners, and the Belle Klipsch in the center. He was running huge McIntosh tube amps. I was mesmerized. The first music he put on the turntable was Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. The album had just recently come out, and I had not heard any music from the album at that time. The first song that played was Money. He had it turned up to "concert" level...LOUD. When the song began playing, as I'm sure you remember, you hear the cash register open, and the money roll from one side to the other. I actually looked on the floor to see if I could see the coins it was so real sounding. Then the bass began playing, and it felt like someone was pounding my chest. As the music was playing, I actually teared up I was so moved.


From that point on, I was hooked, and every dollar I saved from working went to building stereo systems. I couldn't afford Klipsch speakers at the time, but I begged and borrowed used and abandoned speakers, and learned how to build my own speakers. I built the cabinets with plywood pieces discarded at construction sites. I bought a Pioneer amp and a Philips turntable, and I thought I really had something. I eventually upgraded to Advent speakers, and I drove my parents crazy playing the music as high as I could stand it.

I have a great stereo in my home with vintage Klipsch speakers, but don't get to really crank it up until I can get my wife out of the house. Now I can listen any time I want. Now I'm in search of high quality recordings, usually in FLAC format.


I'm a Judge, and now when I get out of Court and make it home, I tell my wife I will be doing some "headphone therapy" for about an hour. Man, I just get lost in the music, and after I quit, all the stress is gone and I feel such a feeling of calmness. I consider my headphone time my form of meditation.


Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and hope to get to know many of you. Look forward to good conversations.


Tony Yocom

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Hi, new here. Just getting the feel of the forum.:)

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