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Hi Everyone,


I am a new member. I just came across this forum recently and honestly it is really a very nice thing to check for audio related topic of differnet kind.  I am no audio expert nor extreme user, but I really apreciate listening a very nice sound.

Couple of weeks ago I bought a Bose OE2.  I know, there are many other headphones recommended here.  But I am afraid that not only I found this page AFTER I bought them, but also that in Argentina I do not have a Best Buy nor an Amazon shipping that easy :(

Nevertheless, I am prety happy on how they sound.

I do listen music using Google Play Musc app quite a lot.  And with my previous headphones (Bose in-ear, can't recall model) I used the EQualizer app. With those headphones I was fine.  But when I changed, the sound started to be some kind of "boxy", it wasn't nothing close to a very nice sound.

Many people recomended PowerAMP and that really changed everything, hard to use any other app now :)

But, I would like to know if there is any other equalizer that I can use with Google Play Music since I am quite fond with it and the interface I do not like anything of PowerAMP interface.

Completely cosmetic and manners thing.

Anyone has some recommendations?  If not I will try to get used to PowerAMP.


Thanks for helping me in this useless question :)