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Oppo BDP0-105D (Darbee Edition) : initial impressions

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Hi All,


     I've only had this for a couple of days, but I'm convinced Oppo are steadily taking over the universe : how many of us would have predicted the possibility of an all-Oppo headphone rig 3 years ago ? From phablet/smartphone media controller through source and amp to planar headphones - they clearly have big ambitions. Ironically, it was those big ambitions that made me hesitate when I initially decided to buy the 105 - I had some concerns re quality control, but thus far I've had no problems whatsoever. 


     One look at the photo will tell you that I'm neither videophile nor photographer, but the dealer didnt have the standard 105 so I opted to pay a little extra for the Darbee version. 




    It's a little early to make pronouncements re the sonics (esp if the burn-in estimates on this player are correct), but I'm already very happy with the clarity into my PM6005/BX-2 speaker rig. I've played a couple of DVDs and the picture quality is excellent : this might give you an idea what to expect from the Darbee technology : happily, its entirely optional and I can control it from the remote.  




   The 105D does a sterling job upscaling Youtube vids, but its no miracle worker - garbage in equals garbage out, and I believe that's the way it should be both sonically and visually. My crappy MP4 downloads of Iron Maiden live still sound a lot better than they look ;)


   Cant wait to get my hands on some BD and even SACDs (remember those ? Aaah, the nineties) - an expensive addiction but I didnt buy this just to listen to iTunes downloads. Really keen to compare good hi-res playback via the aforementioned discs to DSD downloads into my Chord Hugo. Also thrilled to be able to play back music from thumb drives without the need to mess around with my laptop - massive win. 




     A big thanks goes out to the guys on AK for their feedback pre-purchase : I was on the fence about this one and they gave me the info I needed. One of the issues raised in that thread was that the display on the front of the 105 is barely adequate for navigation, but my 24" Dell monitor solved that nicely. I need to get this lot into a rack, tuck that cabling away and I'll probably replace the monitor with a 32" LED TV - they are ridiculously cheap here in Thailand, albeit without the phenomenal resolution and FPS numbers of that little Dell monitor. For now, the Oppo and the Dell seem perfectly happy to coexist without any heat issues - the base sits neatly on the section of the case between the ventilation slots. 


    That's the speaker rig sorted - hallelujah - now I just need the Taurus and my bedside headphone rig will also be complete. Happy days  :)



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While the focus here is obviously on music, I would strongly encourage anyone considering whether the price premium on the 105D is worth the upgrade to get their hands on a copy of the Blu-Ray version of Marvel's Avengers - throw in fantastic sound effects via the HD800 and you'll be blown away. No massive collection of speakers, no subwoofer and cans that aren't renowned for their bass impact - this is an unexpected pleasure sonically. Just be warned that you could rapidly find yourself in a store staring at 4k televisions  ;)



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Keep in mind the BDP 103/D is the same thing w/out the spiffy Sabre and robust analog stage of the 105. For video alone they are identical. That said-I didn't even mind the stereo analog outs on my 103-worked extremely well in a pinch. Picture quality for both Bluray and 3D Bluray is top notch too-surprised at how much better things can look coming from lesser Blu players.



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The only competition I considered was CA's 751BD - similar internals but FWIR CA put a lot of work into customising their unit for 2-channel audio. 

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I considered the Cambridge as well, but the Oppo simply had many more features and inputs/outputs that won me over. I would love to hear the CA sometime though.


An aside: Pacific Rim in 3D on the Oppo will blow your mind-regardless of how one feels about the movie itself.



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Thanks for the heads-up Daniel - I'll try to get my hands on the movie. 

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