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Good day


i d like to re visit a question/concern i ve had for some time , i ve read others threads on this , but never joined the topic .Worried about appearing daft kept me from joining till now ,but i do really want to understand the favourites and playlist settings on dx100 .I ve been at this since i got my unit YIPES !!!!!


1. i dont know the difference between the two , in practical terms .


All i wish to do is Ie: randomly choose maybe 20 or so preferred tracks from a specific artist or various artists and put them into a specific folder Ie Music for work outs , etc . I have 132 hi res tracks from the stones ,and 10 discs of ELO , but im rarely in a mood to listen to them in order of one whole cd at a time .


The way i ve tried is i  go to Ie the Stones folder , and hold down a preferred song and choose add to playlist or add to favourite ,when i choose playlist im greeted with the playlist folder , and here i expect an option where i can create a folder and randomly assign a name like Stones workout toonz . Id even love to playlist assign some trax to mood preference or era of release .But this doesnt seem possible , and after so many attempts my playlist is a huge mess , i have no idea how to clear it , and if i do im worried i ll delete stuff from my dap 


Is there a way i can do this on the dx100 without having to use an external program , hook it to my pc etc ? im rather spontaneous , also lazy , and dont want to have to run to my pc everytime i have a new playlist whim ?


Also , heres a real newb question , the playlist/favourites are merely short cuts that point to the location , and not copies that double storage space ?


Another newb question , how does all this playlist/favourites work on removable media , ie the various micro sds i have on otg , the same one isnt always in the micro usb slot .


Cheers for all patience :)