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ATH M50 part question

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Shortly before I ordered my new M50s, a good friend messaged me and told me that she had a pair I could have, that worked perfectly except-
There is a part on the headphones that help the cans (cups, ear-muffs, not a very technical guy here, sorry) grip your head, that broke while she was traveling.

I figured that I would try to DIY it out, or find the part somewhere and repair it but once they arrived I'm having NO luck figuring out what exactly it is that is broken.  I was hoping someone could give me advice, or maybe send a picture of what I'm looking for.  

To be as specific as I'm able, it's whatever part causes the bottom of the cups to tip inward toward the jaw, as opposed to just sitting on your ears straight up and down.  Again, not a audio-technical kind of guy.

I've already looked over the de-construction thread, and done a search for the solution here and had no luck.  Any help would be great.  They sound incredible otherwise.


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Where is it?

Green or Red? 


I have no clue on what you're talking about. 

The green allows for you to tilt the headphones in for the collapsible storage, and for the ability of the cups to swivel.

The red allows for you to tilt the headphones in or out.


Also, I recall a person ordering specific parts for their Open air M50 build. 



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That's the problem actually.  The set I got looks *exactly* like that, both hinges.  To look at it, I don't see anything wrong at all.  However there must be *some* problem because they sit on my head absolutely loose, there's no "grip" to the headphones at all, and from what I understand the M50's are known for being snug.  This, is the opposite of that.

I've never owned a pair before, so I don't know what I'm looking for.  My friend described the part this way;

"It's a tiny piece of plastic around the hinge of the headphone cup."

I'm thinking something meant to control the resistance when you pose them on your head?

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You'd have to post a picture. 

I just can't grasp it lol. 

So, the tension of the headphone is gone, the headband that says Audio Technica?

Or when you adjust the headphone when you put them on it's just loose?  

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I could post a picture, but it would look just like yours.  

The headband itself is fine.  There is *something* that adjusts the angle the cup sits over your ear, whatever that is, is not working.

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If it's what I think it is, you may have to purchase a new pair. Or, you could do a mod them some how.

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LOL If I do, I'm going with something else.  I cannot fathom buying a new $150 pair of headphones because a $.12 piece of plastic broke.  I have to chuckle at the Irony.  I've DJed for years with $15 Emerson headphones, finally decide to get serious and the top of the line ones lose a piece I can't even identify is missing and needs to be replaced.  At least I didn't drop the cash on them.

I'll try dropping a line to the Service Center tomorrow, see what they say.

But hey, thank you so so SO much for trying to help.  It's MUCH appreciated.


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Okay, so the AT guys are pretty awesome.  Evidently you were right phillkillv2.  The part requires the entire headband to be replaced.  That said, the repair all said and done would run me abt $45 - $50, which is still much better than replacement cost since I basically got the headphones for free, all of which they told me over the phone.  I was dubious about their "$30 for a declined estimate" policy, but they were actually really cool about it.

I wanted to make one last post so I could shout out on the service, which is important too.  

Thanks again for the advice,


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