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NYC LI mini-meetup this Saturday!!!

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I'm hosting a very impromptu meeting at my home on Long Island (West Islip) this Saturday May 10th beginning around 2:00 pm.  I welcome all Head-Fi members who are interested to PM me at speedracer1.  We are going to have the rare opportunity to listen to a variety of hi quality portable audio equipment including the AK240, RWAK240, Cord Hugo and other beautiful portable or transportable equipment/rigs and IEM, headphones ect...  I will provide some food and refreshments.  


Bring your equipment and your ears of course!


Speedracer1 AKA Tom

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I am in.

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Vinnie from RWA will be in attendance.

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I would of brought the beer; as usual I am a day late and a dollar short.  How did it go?

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Yesterday for a few hours I had a very amazing opportunity to listen to the brand new RWAK 240 modification from Red Wine Audio vs. the Cord Hugo.  Blind testing using conventional CD quality 16 / 44.100kHz all the way to higher resolution sources up to 24 / 176.4kHz DSD .  Blind testing was conducted 7 times between the two sources and 6 of the 7 times I picked the RWAK 240 over the Cord Hugo with regard to better SQ!!!  The differences were obvious and almost immediate to me. We were using the AK240's 2.5mm TRRS balanced output connector. The base AK240 without the mod using the balanced output and good cables is close to the Cord Hugo but in my humble opinion the Cord is just more musical!  That said, with the RWAK240 modification the AK has the edge over the Cord.  


I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to Tom Boozebuttons and Vinnie from Red Wine Audio for helping me make this testing a reality. I was honestly so set on purchasing the Cord Hugo before the testing began.  I was really shocked after the testing but at the end of the day my own ears told me otherwise!  Both DAC players are really amazing and current state of the art.  You couldn't go wrong with either choice. 



Speedracer1  (aka Tom)  

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