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So I jumped the gun on a purchase of the v-moda boompro mic ( to go along with my Sennheiser HD 558s. I didn't realize the 558s had a special locking mechanism so a standard 2.5mm doesn't fit. On top of that, the boompro uses a 3.5mm connector. I've read you can remove the locking mechanism fairly easy, but I haven't been able to find a guide or much confirmation that it'd work fine without it.


I was wondering if it's worth the effort to get these to work together. I'd just get a modmic but they're not even available at the moment, so I'd really like to get the boompro working if possible.


Alternatively, I was looking in to maybe getting a desktop mic but I feel like they would pick up keystrokes really loudly on skype without push to talk. If anyone has experience in that regard I'd love to hear it as well. Thanks guys.