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For Sale:
Aurisonics ASG-1.3

Will Ship To: Australia

These RRP for $398...postage Included!
My ones are the revision 1.3
As usual, anything I sell is in fantastic condition. These are simply a fantastic sounding IEM, one of the best I've heard. It has a lovely natural sound with great driving bass that doesn't overpower the sound. I'm selling these as I don't use them as much as I should! I've had them for about two months, so they're in as new condition. You get double flange tips as well as small, medium and large standard tips. No owners manuals are sold with Aurisonics IEM's, nor a stupid cardboard box, but what you do get from Aurisonics is that stupidly tough Otterbox to carry them in, and a cleaning brush. Also the warranty card, and of course the receipt. Bought in Australia, and NOT a grey import. These have a huge single 15mm driver, one of the biggest made in IEM's.
Here's the review that persuaded me to buy it. I agree with it 100%.

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