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Yes, a completely black design would have been nice... color doesn't matter as long as its black ;-)

The normal one does indeed look good... my reason for keeping both, initially I planned to sell the standard edition.

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pull the trigger and ordered one from beachcamera...patiently waiting

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I like the black Jubilee and don't mind the chrome except for when it gets covered in fingerprints...
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The sale on buydig looks promising! Can anyone verify that it is a legit sale? The quality of the product? Thanks!

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They are in sale again in Buydig

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Looks like the sale has already ended :confused_face:

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Ordered 'Chrome' through Beach Camera/NewEgg Black Friday sale for $260 net; should be the same as Jubilee, time to have a near uber set while my ears still work. Hope it comes with the case, might not have the Chesky disk or a SN in the range. For now FiiO Kunlun from the Galaxy or PC will drive it, or the old Sony ES receiver. The Sennheiser HD518 I already have are decent and neutral enough, but lack the clarity I've heard before in the likes of the HD6X0s. The reviews I've read here and elsewhere got me to pull the trigger - thanks/blame to all who put in the time ;-) Anticipation is growing quickly; will add comments once they come.


EDIT: First cancelled for a lower price, then changed my mind, then changed it again, and then again. Ordered the Koss ESP-950, about 1/3rd off for Black Friday at Amazon, a little over twice what these would have been. Would have been fun to get the T90 and the HE-400i i almost got, and compare and contrast, but...

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