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sony D-EJ1000 IN U.S.A. ?

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is there any places anybody knows of in the U.S.A. where i can get the sony D-EJ1000 ? or anywere it would be easy to get.
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It isn't available in the US, it is a Japan/Asia only model. I ordered mine online from warehouse123.com and got it in about two weeks, sent over from Japan.

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something mistake

there are some question in this discman.this discman may distroy the disc when it works.so i think you'd better chose the st790 of
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Uhh, I don't think so, the only way any PCDP in good working condition will physically destroy a CD is if the CD is in the player when a large truck runs over it. In fact, the only other way any damage could be done that I can think of, is if there was something protruding from the top or bottom of the inside of the PCDP and it hit the surface of the disc and caused scratches as the disc was spinning. I've had my D-EJ1000 for a month now and it works fine, no discs damaged.

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meithkiller or anybody what cd player would u get because i got about $200 dollors to spend and i dont know witch one to buy ican get the ej1000 for $200 flat or i could get the ej955 for 170 flat but i dont know the difference between them ? or if you know of a good cd player for that price ?
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EJ1000 has got better batteries (NI-MH). EJ955 has got only Ni-Cd - I do not know why, because 925 already had Ni-MH.
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mmhardky what would u get even you could get the 925 ? and do u know a good plce to buy them ive only found 2 or 3 places.
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of course not all of this discman had this question.but many people in china had met this question.their disc was distory by ej1000.so if you are lucky,you needn't care of it.
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Do you mind sharing with us how all of these people in China had their discs destroyed by the D-J1000? How about some specifics? Just saying "this discman may distroy the disc when it works" or "their disc was distory by ej1000" isn't good enough. We need some details! Your story really isn't believable without a little proof to back it up.

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Why not get two portable CD players? Sony D-25S (with portable power adapter/battery charger) and Panasonic SL-CT470.

Or if you must get recent player, Sony D-EJ925 (not as good as the other two, but has excellent anti-skip).
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meithkiller you said you have the ej1000 how do you like it and does it destroy the cds like people say. was it worth the price you paid and were did you get yours?
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Check out this site for discmans:


Hyperjack is known to be a reputable online merchant via www.t-station.net. I have not ordered from them yet, so i can't say so for myself.
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what you have heard aboout j1000 is just rumor.it has just been proved that j1000 works well.its cost is 1300rmb in shanghai
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I love my D-EJ1000. Works great, sounds good, no discs damaged. I got mine from Warehouse123.com. It was about the only place I could find that offered online ordering using a credit card. I have ordered from Hyperjack before too, and they are also good to deal with. I'd probably recommend the 1000 over the 955. I almost got the 955 because I really love the black one, but when I researched both and looked at all the features, I had to go with the 1000 for $20-30 more.

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sorry,i don't known how to say some word in english.if you good at chinese you can go to http://www.walkmantoday.com/new/20011019.htm
to see.
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