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For Sale: Fostex HP-A8C, Onkyo SE-U55SX2

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For Sale:
Fostex HP-A8C, Onkyo SE-U55SX2

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello Head-fiers,


I'm selling some (more like all) of my DAC/amp combos. Descriptions are below:




SE-U55SX2 (black, not to be confused with the first version which is white): Bought some time in mid 2012 from Akihabara Japan, but ever since the Fostex came it has been sitting in the box. Very clean and musical sounding DAC and also doubles as a fully functional sound card, however the headphone out is rather weak so you may need an amp to fully unleash its potential. The bundled software seems intersting but my Japanese is not quite there yet. Asking $160 shipped (US), no transformer needed, it works normally on US power outlet. I don't want to take it off the box for pics, but I'll do it if requested.


Prices have not included PP fees. Canada buyers pay half the shipping fee. please PM me with any questions. Thanks for reading!

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Awesome Elsie and Haqua nendo, gl with the sale ^^

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Thanks, I really wanted to get their 1/6 figures but couldn't dish out ~$200 apiece so I settled with those haha. BTW the A8 is pending right now.

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Fair, although the nendo are not exactly cheap anymore either ($40 a piece >.<). Not that that stops me from buying them and others *sigh*. Audio/Figures expensive hobbies it would seem.

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