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Wanted: [WANTED] Grado HF-1

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[WANTED] Grado HF-1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

A few years ago I was lucky enough to own a pair of these, #23 (of all numbers) Unfortunately I had to sell them to cover bills from a new born at the time. And I'm sure there is no way I can get that pair back from jellybones. And now the wife has OK'd me getting a replacement pair. So if you have a pair you are considering letting go of, please PM me the #, condition, pics and price please smily_headphones1.gif

Thanks in advance.
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I haven't heard from anyone wanting to part with their HF-1's yet. So this wanted ad will expire tomorrow at 2:00pm CST. By then I will have purchased either a pair of Grado PS500's or SR225. This is the long way to say BUMP! :)

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