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New solderer attempting 3.5mm retermination

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So my Denon D2000s, which I love dearly, have a problem with the connection from the cable to the jack. (LOTS of wiggling to get both left and right.) As they're already pretty beat up, it doesn't seem worth it to pay for a full-on recable, but just chopping the wire and reterminating them with a new 3.5mm minijack seems doable.


However, I'm a first-time solderer. I've got a 35W soldering iron (crappy RadioShack), which I promise to keep far from my drivers, but otherwise, is this a feasible first-time job? I've found lots of useful threads on D2000 wire colors, good jacks, making things look nice with heatshrink, etc., and lots of nice YouTube videos on how to solder (the Pace ones from the '80s are awesome), but I still have a few questions.


#1: What kind of terminals are in the internals of a 3.5 mm jack, and what do they look like? Yes, I've googled it, but I can't find a decent image with the right angle. Also, are they all the same, or do they differ by brand or model? (Pictures and/or links appreciated.)


#2: Aside from soldering wires to each other, how should I practice?


#3: Should I buy multiple jacks in expectation of mucking up the first one? I don't really care if I shorten the cable a bit in the course of a few attempts.


#4: Is expensive solder worth it for this, since I care about the resulting audio quality, or do I just want any rosin-core eutectic? Also, do I need extra flux? In all the videos I've seen, the only use I've seen for it is this: http://youtu.be/3Z8CzB4BYJA , which is really not the normal way to solder (though it does look like it works...).


#5: Is there anything else I should know? Patience and advice for the n00b are appreciated. Thanks!

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1. It varies depending on the brand. This is what you'll usually see:



2. You can buy a cheap radioshack cable, and take it apart / put it back together.


3. Not really, it'll be hard to mess it up so much that it can't be used anymore. Just go slow, take your time, and you'll be fine.


4. Just normal solder will do fine.


5. Get a multimeter, they come in handy. Be sure to think about how you will solder each wire before you start stripping the sleeves - it's a good idea to keep the signal wires longer than the ground shield (as in the picture above) and to keep the sleeves on the signal wire going past the ground/shield to that you won't get a short.

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