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Gear/AudiOPhile[s] do Album Reviews

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So I'm a real picky guy when it comes to Metal... today I got three new Albums... one I was suprised I liked two I was disappointed I didn't enjoy more. 


Let's start with One band and Two Albums




Again I'm picky with Metal, and I've only listened to two of their albums, the one live and one Studio Mastered, and what bothers me... is the differance in the sound. Both are 16bit Flacs, but the live album sounds very closed in, and almost cluastiphobic... very hard to listen to. My Modded D2k and AudioGD Nfb10ES2 tore it apart and it sounded terrible.


The album of which I was not a fan of



Again I like to enjoy music, and I hate when... a good band puts out music that sadly on my system sounds pretty BLEH... granted I'm sure I'd love listening to that out of my car speakers but where's the fun in that! But again... wasn't a fan of the mastering, it sounded terrible... 


On the other hand


Epica - Consign to Oblivion [2005]




Is an album I'm very much enjoying, it's a good example of a sub-genre of metal called Symphonic Metal or Gothic Metal. I really hate all these sub genre's but what ever they call it I enjoy it. 


In particular I like the structure of the Album, it starts with a Prologue, a very classically oriented prologue and then leads into the first track with some typical metal double bass drum action and guitar riffs. Still the mastering is wonderful. 


More on the music though, I'm enjoying the mixture of the classical strings and touches of choir styled lyrics, and yes there's a touch of some nasty growls here and there which I can appreciate. Makes a nice contrast to the music over all.



Still to those AudioPhiles who some times dip into some kind of Gear related obsession please share your album findings, as there's nothing worst that finding a band with a sound that you like then getting a hold of a poorly mastered album. 

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LAWL a thread like this already exists lol RE POST time 

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