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Audio Technica ath-m50 vs Ultrasone HFI-780 s logic vs Sennheiser Hd25 1 II

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Hey everybody! Im completely new to the headphone scene as far as picking a good pair. I already own a pair of beats solo hd which i completely regret buying at the time i got them they were 200 something dollars and now they are 99!! but im posting because I want to upgrade to a real set of headphones because from what ive researched beats are lets face it... not that great. Ive narrowed my choices down to the Audio technica ath-m50 because it seems to be talked up well i just hope its not all hype! the ultasone HFI 780 because from what i read they sound like your sitting at a concert as well as have good sound quality. and lastly the sennheiser HD25 1 II because people said they are well priced and have a good sound!


I listen to hard rock heavy metal type stuff from bands such as Alter Bridge, Sevendust, Korn, Love and Death, and then metalcore stuff like Issues and Of mice & men. I even love the chili peppers and classic rock!! I would like my headphones to really captivate the sound of all the different instruments with good sound quality, i dont consider my self a "bass head" but i do like quality bass as long as its not annoying and stupid to where thats all you hear. 


I cant say this enough either I would like the headphones to sound better than my beats solo hd. 


Ive been leaning towards the audio technicas because they seem to be consistently well reviewed I just want them to be what they say and not an overhyped headphone like beats. I find a bad review on them every so often so i just need to make sure they are solid. 


If anyone can steer me in the right direction that would be so helpful! 

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You could also read about Shure SRH-840 and SoundMagic HP-100. Both are very good headphones. Shures provide punchy mid-bass and detailed treble, they come with extra pads and also provide good isolation while HP-100s are smooth sounding headphones, more neutral than Shures I guess, and also have the edge in terms of comfort.


I've also read good things about the Logitech UE6000



Best Luck!

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Would you say that the hp 100 is better than the ath m50? I see that they are pretty similar with the hp having more bass and comfort!

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Originally Posted by tipsjr View Post

Would you say that the hp 100 is better than the ath m50? I see that they are pretty similar with the hp having more bass and comfort!

I have not heard the HP-100s, but everything I have read indicates that they are a quite different sonic signature. They are more neutral, whereas the M50s have some bass emphasis. See this review: http://noblehifi.blogspot.com/2012/10/soundmagic-hp100-review.html

The HFI-780s are definitely a more engaging headphone than the M50s because of Ultrasone's S-Logic technology that creates a bigger surround soundstage.
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Thanks for pointing me towards that review it shined alot of light on them! They are definitley a set Im considering! When you say the m50 pushes bass more does it push it obnoxiously without taste? or does it sound nice but still controlled? and because it pushes bass does it sacrifice other elements? Im narrowing it down between the m50 and hp 100 at this point and which ever one i pick from those 2 will go against the hfi 780. would the hfi 780 be good for rock/metal music? i guess would the m50 and hp100 be good for that music also? Ive got a million questions i know im so new to this theres so much to it!

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First, I have no doubt that any of these headphones have better overal SQ than Beats Solo. Beats marks their prices way up because (a) of all the marketing they do and (b) people will pay it because they are considered stylish, the "in" headphone. The headphones you are considering are all considered by Head-Fiers to be excellent price performance values. Beats don't make that the list at all even as an OK value. (lol)

Music genre is probably less important than personal listening tastes for selecting sound signature. The M50 has more bass than a more neutral response, like the HP100s have. Some people like more bass. Are you the kind of person who likes to turn the bass up on the stereo or disappointed when it doesn't have much bass? Would you prefer less bass than your Beats Solo? That might be a way to judge. I have not heard the Beats Solo, but I know that they definitely have some strong bass emphasis. If you would like it a lot more neutral sonic signature than your Beats, then maybe the HP100s are the way to go. Now the HP100s would have the advantage of having stronger mids in comparison to the M50s (a consequence of not having the bass emphasized).

From what I understand, the HP100s should have a bigger soundstage than the M50s, which are known for not having a big soundstage. That would be a plus since you get more of that immersion in the music effect and instrument separation is usually better.

The 780s also have more bass emphasis than neutral. I ultimately got rid of them because they were a little too warm to me (too much emphasis on the upper bass and lower mids). But others would like that. Also, for some people, the S Logic doesn't work well and they don't sound as good (it was good for me). So they are more of a love 'em or hate 'em kind of headphone which can be difficult to predict.

If you need the headphones for portable use, I would bet on the M50s to be a better choice over the HP100s. They seem (I haven't seen the HP100s in person) a little smaller, and the M50s will also turn the cups to lay flat if you want that.

Sorry. I know that's not helping that much. Sound signature choice is such a personal thing. One thing I would suggest is ordering from Amazon or Fulfilled by Amazon (but not 3rd party vendors that do their own shipping). RMA is easy if you don't like them as long as you keep the retail packaging nice and the headphones in mint condition. Good way to test them out at home a few days and see if you like them. It's always been around $10 for return shipping for me when I've done that, so small price for in home demo to make sure you get what you like, especially since Amazon usually has good deals anyway.
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The beats solo bass isnt really that powerful sounding and it also sounds pretty muddy lol, so im pretty sure that anything would be a step up at this point lol. I like bass being in the music but i would much rather be able to hear all the instruments and their sound qualities. I like there to be some kick with the bass but it sound controlled. Basically smooth sounding. Not like annoying loud car speakers that people get that rattle the earth lol. Im more concerned about getting to hear good instrument separation with some smooth bass. From what your saying though and the reivews ive read the hp 100s seem to have a good bass quality as well as a well rounded sound. So ill probably pick between them and the hfi 780 unless you or anyone else reading has something better to recommend! You have been a huge help i cant telly ya how much i appreciate it! 

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Glad to help smily_headphones1.gif

I know what you mean about loud stereos. I'm a sub enthusiast (there are currently 5 in my house). But I like good, high quality sounding bass, not necessarily heavy amounts of it, and certainly not thumpy, crappy bass. You will get very good quality bass with the HP100s, even if it's not heavy bass.

I still don't know for sure if you would like more bass emphasis than neutral based on what you have said. But the HP100s would otherwise definitely be considered a step up in class in overall sound quality over the M50s. So certainly worth trying to see if you like them smily_headphones1.gif

Come back and share your impressions.
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Its been a huge help Im definatley going to check them out, others seem to like them alot as well!

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