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I have a Fiio E17 and I figured out to show the proper stream resolution display it had to be set on the computer.  I have a Mac and had to go into Utilities / Audio Midi Setup and change the output settings for the Fiio E17.  Then sure enough the display resolution will change to whatever it is set to.


I'm running a Raspberry Pi computer as source now and I have display of 16/48 and that is the actual stream rate of the music I'm listening to but the Raspberry Pi is set to output 24/96 as evidenced by the format setting below.




I'm not sure I care that much what the display says but I know the DAC is set to output 24/96 material.  I found an article showing how to do it with pulseaudio installed but I don't have pulse, nor do I want to install it.


Anybody come across this before?