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Would appreciate a few opinions..   :L3000:


Currently have a Fostex HP-P1 with Shure 535s as my road kit using my iPhone as source (FLACs via Qobuz and FLAC Player). I like the sound I have now, but I'm staring pretty hard at the CEntrance HiFi-M8 as a replacement to the HP-P1.


I've read many of the reviews, but frankly while the M8 clearly has more power as an amp, I wonder if I'll hear much of a difference with the IEs. The HP-P1 already drives them plenty hard. The DAC on the HP-P1 seems to be viewed as at least on par with the M8 (many argue better). The M8 options to run balanced cans and connect to a PC are pretty interesting though. But then, I'm torn on whether these would be real advantages on the road. I'm unlikely to start pulling full size cans with me when I travel (and I don't see any of these replacing my CA DAC + HDVA 600 driving a set of HD800s - though I am itching to upgrade my DAC - but that's a different story)...


Anyway, anyone really done an A/B compare with the 535s? No debate full size cans running balanced would sound better than the IEs...