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For Sale:
Denon AH-D2000 recabled w/ partial MarkL mod, OEM-repaired

Will Ship To: CONUS

I enjoyed listening to these from 2009 to 2011, so much that I struggled to accept their home-use-only design. So I often put them in my bag and took them to work. By 2011 the headband assembly had fallen apart and these cans became unwearable. I put them into storage for Summer 2011, and they've been sitting there for nearly 3 years.


These headphones no longer have a place to fit on my desk or in my life, so in April I sent them off to Panurgy OEM to get them back in top-shape for their next owner. 


You will be the 4th owner of these storied headphones. As such, understand they have seen hundreds if not thousands of hours of use, and they have changed over time. Make sure you closely examine the photos. Current status:



- partial MarkL mod: there is Dynamat dampening in the composite earcups.

- re-cabled with SPOFC Kapton cable in black multifilament sheathing. Approx 7.5 - 8ft. 

- terminated in a heavy Canare F-16 1/4" nickel-plated plug 



- new strain reliefs where the cables exit the housing. 

- new pads. These are stock design pads, not Jmoney or Lawton Audio pads.

- new headband assembly: the leather is well-formed, the notches click precisely and the infamous screws that connect the driver housings are fresh and tight. Panurgy had a 2-week wait on this part because they had to salvage it from another unit (D2k was discontinued years ago). While this new assembly is in perfect functional condition, the finish on the magnesium-alloy frame is clearly worn around some edges. See photos.


Includes the original box and instructions. 

Ships from San Francisco, CA.

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