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I've done some pretty exhaustive searching, so I've seen the somewhat conflicting reports on the Mad Dog sound leakage. Before I pull the trigger on a pair of MDPs, though, wanted to get a final opinion.


For full-size cans, I already have a pair of V6s (with velour pads) and M100s (with regular pads, XLs on the way). Both leak about the same, per my "record myself" leak test, and both leak a little too much for an office environment for me.  I have office-mates just a few feet away, and as a semi-open environment there's not even a cube wall between me and my closest neighbor. They aren't ear-speakers like my home pair of open-backed PC360s (~same as the 558s) but they're pretty audible at a few feet.


IEMs are obviously fine, leakage-wise, and I've bounced between Klipsch S5is, SoundMAGIC E10s, and Bose QC20s. The problem with those is that nobody can tell from behind that I'm wearing them. Half the purpose of headphones in the office is as a "do not disturb" sign, and they fail that requirement. I'm also not as happy with the soundstage as with, say, the V-Modas and, aside from the Bose (sound profile may be meh, but I love their IEM/earbud hybrid design), find them pretty fatiguing to have stuck in my ear for very long. Pulling them out and putting them in constantly also kind of sucks and leaves my ear canals a little irritated. All hence wanting cans.


Unfortunately, at least in context, I mostly listen to "loud" genres: hard rock, metal, industrial, heavy EDM, and so forth. So I've got pretty much the worst-case scenario here. I'm looking for near-zero leakage with challenging music with a lot of bass hits, but with a set of cans.


How likely am I to be happy with the Mad Dog Pros? I know the 15 day policy, but it means I'll blow $20+ in shipping + $45 in restock if I have to go that route. I'm not worried about the sound profile--metalheads seem to love Mad Dogs in general, and the Pros apparently give a nice bump to EDM. I like enough intricate stuff (prog, folk, bluegrass, etc.) to appreciate the clarity of the nicer set of headphones. I'm excited about the novelty of orthodynamic drivers.  I have a JDS O2 amp/DAC combo, so I'm pretty sure I can drive them OK.


But I need that leak isolation.


I see the posts re: "minimal leakage," "best isolation ever," etc., but I also heard those things with the M100s. Turned out to be a great pair of headphones I can't use in the setting for which I primarily bought them.


Any input there from someone who can actually compare with the models I know about or similar?