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Hi folks. Tried searching through the Head-fi website but only found a couple threads that were from 2011.

I want to know what are the best headphones + amp and/or DAC to use with a streaming music service such as Spotify.

I currently have a Premium subscription and stream/download in 'extreme quality' (mostly 320 kbps I am led to believe) through an Android/Windows 7 interface. When connecting via Windows 7 on my laptop, I use a Fiio E07k because the sound-card is rubbish (hiss, etc.). The Android interface is through an LG G2 which is supposed to be better and it does seem to be. For headphones, I alternate between the V-Moda XS and the Beyerdynamic DT880 (32 Ohms) and find that the V-Modas are very good whereas the Beyers are brutal (to many but not all songs) especially in the treble region whether through the LG G2 or the laptop and/or Fiio.  

1) Does that mean that some of the songs are just rubbish recordings through Spotify and if yes, are they showing up because the Beyers are more sensitive in the treble region. Why do i think this? because I have a few 100 songs that I converted from CD to FLAC files and I have never noticed any issues in general and I do know now that the Beyers are insanely 'bright'). 

2) If yes, then should I look at buying headphones that have less emphasis on the treble like the V-Modas to use with streaming services? What would be a good over-ear headphone to buy (under $300) to complement my V-Modas. Portability is a bonus but not a requirement.  

3) If Spotify is not the culprit then is there a better amp and/or dac combo I should look into? Portability a huge bonus.

4) Is there anything out there that offers better streaming than Spotify?

Thanks for looking.

To all other head-fiers, junior and senior, please keep up the good work. I have finally found a home where I dont feel like an idiot posting smileys :gs1000smile: