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About a week ago I purchased a used Sony SCD-CE595 off Craigslist for a very good price.  I've been playing CD's on it the past week, and the first of my two SACD's arrived today = Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon.


When inserted in the player, it only read the CD layer and when the sacd/cd button was pressed it flashed 'Not a Hybrid Disc'. Fisrt thing I did was to clean the lens, but the results were the same so off to 'Google Search' I go. 


After doing a quick internet search and some reading, I figured this one was bad and the laser unit was about to go out (somehwat common with this player).  One thread I read somewhere mentioned a re-alignment in the service menu, so I downlaoded a SM for this model and performed a U-CON Check in the player's service menu.


I followed the directions exactly and when finished I powered up the unit with the Hybrid SACD in the player and it now plays the SACD Layer as well as the CD layer!


Man, I thought I got burned and was going to have to hunt down another SACD capable player.  All in all it tuned out to be a good day.


Point of this thread is = if you have one of these models that acts like mine did earlier, don't discard it until you do the Service Menu  U-CON Check.




P.S. - if anyone wants instructions on how to do this procedure, let me know and I'll add a walk-through to the thread.




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