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V-Moda Crossfade LP's, ATH-M50'S, or other?

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So hey there! Long time lurker, finally got around to making an account because I need some advice that I haven't been sufficiently able to find on my own.
I listen to a lot of EDM, like 95% of my library is bass-heavy stuff, occasionally with some vocals thrown in.

For the past couple weeks I've been heavily debating between getting one of two sets of cans, either V-Moda Crossfade LP's and ATH-M50's.

Keep in mind that I live in an area that has neither of these readily available for me to try out, so I'm ordering online

Reasons I have for LP's:
Heavy bass
Supposedly pretty comfortable.
Look pretty awesome
Detachable cable

Better seal
Cleaner mids and highs.
Highly recommended by people here on head-fi but I haven't been able to try them for myself.

I don't own an amp and most of my config revolves around me using a software EQ. Yeah.

Anyway, help would be much appreciated!
Sorry if I haven't included much info.
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I am also awaiting feed back on this. I like the new ATH-m50x which has a detachable cable and they look amazing in the blue and tan color. 

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I just got a pair of the Donscorpio Dolphins, and they definitely have some nice subbass for EDM. Research them in the Chinese/Asian Brand thread to learn more about them.
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Get the m50x which has a detachable cable and better sound. But the LP has good looks and the best durability around.
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Well, i got a chance to try out a pair of M50's that belonged to a friend (Didn't know he had them) earlier today.
To be honest, i didn't find them that comfortable, my ears got really warm really quickly and the pads weren't that soft, though i'm not sure if that was just from use or not. Furthermore i kept having to shift the way they sat on my head as they didn't quite feel right, no matter how i re-positioned them. Though this all might have stuff to do with my head size, so YMMV.
And there wasn't nearly enough bass for me, even if i EQ'd it (without an amp, that is.)
The bass was there, but it wasn't the kind of bass i was looking for. I can't really describe it. It didn't hit as hard as i'd like.

Based on that, should i go for the LP? I hear that they are pretty comfortable and that they have a lot of bass. 
detachable cable is also a plus.
If not, anyone have any other suggestions? Preferably Sub - $150.

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I don't know anything about the Crossfades.

I have not heard them, but I understand the M-Audio Q40s have more bass than the M50s. Check out these links:

An amp might also help. If you are running the headphones near full volume on your computer, and then adding EQ boost, you could be running out of dynamic headroom and could be clipping the bass so that it doesn't go any louder (which would also distort the bass output).
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