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Sennheiser HD 419 vs JBL J55i

Poll Results: Which one is better?

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    Sennheiser HD419
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    JBL J55i
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I think about changing my current headphone (a broken Philips Shibuya) for a new one and I found two headphones with the same price here in my country (around US$70 - Brazil is an expensive country :/ ): The first one is the Sennheiser HD419 and the other is a JBL J55i.


I most use my headphone to walk on the street, so a good point it's the durability/resistance, because sometimes I have to put it on my backpack. There are a lot of reviews/videos about the HD419 but almost nothing about J55i. Watching some videos, I think the JBL is more durable than the Sennheiser, but I'm not sure.


Since I didn't find any comparison too, which one is better? I'm newbie, but the sound quality is a good point too!


Thanks a lot!

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you can have a look at the AudioTechnica ATH SJ55, they are cheap, good sounding with punchy bass, durable but slighlty uncomfortable on the long term. If you don't take much importance on insolation the Sennheiser HD239 are also a nice choice, more comfortable but a little bit less durable


Senn HD 439 and 429 are both better than the 419, with the 439 being the best. if it fits your budget have a try with them. the problem with the HD4xx series is that they don't fold up, or even get flat, so carrying them w/o a case is a bit risky


another two sets of cans I remembered: the ATH M30, durable, and very good sounding for the price (now at 40$ @Amazon.com), and the Senn HD 202 (even cheaper, probably not durable enough for you)

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Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, the AudioTechnica is not on the market here, the 429 is around US$ 170 and 439 is US$ 220. Yeah, I know it sucks.

I only thinking about changing to one of the two I mentioned because they're on sale here.

If you can choose one, which one would be the chosen one?

I always heard about the quality of Sennheiser, but I think the JBL should be great too.

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I saw the prices on amazon.com, I forgot the dollar to real conversion is absurd. 


between those two:


The JBL looks, for me, easily surpasse the ones of the HD419


The cable is a win to the JBL's, thicker, flat and removable (correct me if I'm worng, but I think Senn's cable is not detachable) 


Comfort is easy: HD419 all the way. Super light, over ear, velour pads. Not really a contest here.


Sound quality and similar matters, almost a draw. Can't say much as I've never heard the JBL.


Durability is another win for JBL, at least the platic HD419 doesn't inspire much confidence on me. Also they fold in, so portability is much better (The Sennheiser's are too big to carry them like that, even if they weight nothing)


For your needs I would go to the JBL's

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Thanks, Rebelinho.
I really liked the JBL, specially because it has some metal parts (maybe it's more durable) and it fold.
My doubt is also related to the quality: Of course they are better than my cheap Shibuya, but since both is same price, I also want the best in sound quality.

You helped me a lot, thanks!

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Are there more opinions? redface.gif
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I think that HD419 is not too bad, but in terms of sound signature it is a bit on the warm/dark side with slightly lifted bass and recessed mids. The cable is also a bit thin. Have you considered the Panasonic HTF600? I think they are a great choice for low budgets. Also the HD668B, but like the HD419 you gotta know what your preferences are because that one is very bright with lots of treble which can get uncomfortable. 

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Thanks, Threi. I will take a look in the HTF600 here.
Maybe it's helpful to know which kind of sound I'll listen with it, right?biggrin.gif
I listen a lot of Indie Rock, Shoegaze and Psychodelic Rock. No Electronic, dubstep or related.
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HTF600 have a bit of a V-shaped response, the midrange not as prominent as the bass and treble. Greay soundstage however. I dont listen to any of the music genres you listed (i'm more of an old school hip-hop fan), but I feel that the HTF600 does pretty well for any genre (well, considering the price)
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Is HTF600 good for street use? And backpack resistant? tongue.gif
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Honestly, I wouldn't recommend them for street use. They are semi-open, so they leak a lot of sound and don't isolate too well. I can't comment too much on durability since most of my headphones barely move much (they are either on my head or on a rack).


The HD419 does isolate pretty well though, but the cord is kinda thin.

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Great. Any thoughts about J55i?
I think both, J55i and HD419 are similar... But the J55i looks more durable. (Street and backpack use)
I read a lot of review complaining about the durability of both. I know they are not the best for it...
Are they really similar about the sound?

Thanks a lot!
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I've never tried the J55i, can't help you out there, sorry.


They do look real nice though!

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Thanks for the help! wink.gif
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Does anybody knows this headphones?

Here in Brazil it's called JBL Vibe Over Ear... I found some references for JBL Tempo J04 too, but only in Indian sites...

Does anybody knows this headset? No references on JBL/Harman reference or manual.

Thanks a lot!
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