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For Sale: Some tubes for your consideration...

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€1 (EURO) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Some tubes for your consideration...

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I'm selling some of my tubes. I have too much of them, and don't need them all.

Some of them were bought cheap, and I don't want to make a profit on them. In fact I'm looking for a quad of 5998, and that's why I'm selling some.

Unfortunately I don't have any easy way to meter them. They were all tested through my amp, and I garantee they work flawlessly.

I'm OK for a refund if you are not satisfied, just send them back. All burning times are approximations, but I'm honest with those.

All prices are without shipping, I'm charging real quotes depending destination.


1- Pair of National Union 6C8G (VT-163) : 20 €

Drop in replacement for 6SL7 with an adapter. Bought NOS, used less than 10 hours.

One is slightly microphonic.

In original boxes, perfect writings on bases, 1st and 7th pictures.


2- Pair of RCA 6SL7GT : 20 €

Noise free, original boxes, average writings (two last pictures).

Grey glass version.

Bought with shown testing results, used 5 hours.

Noise and microphonic free.


3- One RCA Coin Base 6080WA : 5 €

Unused, just tested, no noise, no shorts, no drawbacks.

Perfect for your Crack for example.

Original box, see picture 3.


4- Single Chatham (TS made) military 6080WA : 10 €

Brand new, unused just tested.

Plain white box, perfect readings (picture 4).

From a retired radio guy's stock.


5- Eight TungSol military 6080 : 20 € each

Brand new, tested. Four of them were used for 15 hours (perfectly quiet, no microphonic).

All same construction, brand new writings, matching date codes !!

Plain white boxes (pictures 2, 5 and 6).

Also from a radio guy stock.

Possible discount for the lot.


6- Pair of KenRad VT-231 (6SN7GT) : 40 €

Bought NOS, used for 250 hours.

No noise, no microphonic.

Military black glass version.

Sorry, no box !

Good writings.

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For Sale: €50 (EURO)
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The black glass tubes were in a ld mkvi+ right? Do you know how many hours aprox they been used?

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Yes, you've got it.


Are you talking about the KenRad pair ?

This particular pair has +-250 hours on it.

I have some other used pairs, but no idea of how many hours they carry...

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Alright, i'll check in here again by next paycheck and see if things is still here.
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Fair enough.

From a MK VI to another :)


If you want me to hold anything for you, it'll be a pleasure.

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Gents, make me an offer for T-S 6080, we can dicuss on a discount !

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Nobody for those Tung-Sol beauties ?

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Originally Posted by G600 View Post


Nobody for those Tung-Sol beauties ?

I'd like a pair! I'll PM to discuss shipping

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