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I am very pleased with my DAC/Amp One. SQ is superb. I have only used the DAC a few times, but have frequently used the optical input which sounds just fine from my DX100. Mostly I use the line-in from my DX90 and listen with my Ref.1's.
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much appreciate the feedback.  i understand it isn't much out there and i wasn't trying to cast aspersions at gavin, but was hoping to glean any info possible.  have either of you ever used the m8 or theorem?  if so, is the tralucent SQ comparable to those (slightly) more expensive portable dac/amps?


i guess in my head i have top tier portable sq associated with the m8 and theorem, with the others i listed being in the next level.  i am very much interested in where the tralucents fit in relative to those others, and also if my initial grouping is accurate.


if someone can tell me outright that the tralucent sq is comparable to or better than the m8 and theorem, then my decision is made.  if not, i have to balance price/features/etc still.

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I have used neither the M8 nor the Theorem so cannot make any comparisons.
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I'll do a comparison tonight. It'll have to be off my MacBook Air. What kind of earphones/headphones preferred? The reason I ask is because the DACAmp One doesn't have the grunt of the Theorem 720 but at the same time the DACAmp One is the has the pitch blackest background of all 3 amps I have at my disposal (Theorem, Duet, Apex Glacier).

Should be noted that the DACAmp One I have with me is from late Oct '13 - and I'm not certain if there's been any changes to current DACAmp One models. (@spkrs01 to answer that question).

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thanks much anak.  i look at your title, and i think you probably have access to m-100s.  that's what i intend to use.  so a comparison using those or similar is much appreciated.  you're the man.

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Just so happens I was in conversation today with the owner of Tralucent. (I believe they call him, Mr Tralucent). I'm honoured to announce there WILL BE an Australian tour for DacAmp One. The unit I've had on loan will be the specimen. We have five Australian members taking DacAmp One for 10 days each in exchange for their thoughts. The tour will be commencing next week.

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Doing some live notes (i.e. listening whilst typing) comparing the Theorem 720 DAC & DACAmp One (prototype?). Both are plugged into my Macbook Air with standard non-fancy USB cables. I'm using Audirvana+ and listening to DSD but as both DACs don't support DoP, they're downconverted accordingly (24/176.4 on Theorem, 16/44.1 on DACAmp One). I'm using my FitEar MH335DW-SR with Tralucent Silver/Gold terminated by the ATL 3.5mm SE plug (but it's quite warn with brass showing under the rhodium coating - sidenote, I can't recommend the ATL at all).


Note information is about a comparison between the two, i.e. statements aren't "absolute" if you get my meaning.



The DACAmp One has a somewhat more warmer tone and neutralish trebles, whilst the Theorem 720 feels more neutral with its mids and trebles extend further than the DACAmp One.

The Theorem 720 has more treble sparkle, and overall has the bigger sound.

The Theorem 720 also has the "bigger" sound in terms of stage width and depth

The DACAmp One has the blackest background of all the portable amps in my possession


Non Sonic

The Theorem 720 can charge & use simultaneously but requires an external charger pack

The DACAmp One's charging and USB Audio use are mutually exclusive operations

Both amps work with various Android devices depending on the Android device and player software used

The DACAmp One has an optical input too, not just miniUSB Audio input

The DACAmp One can also be used as an Amp-only, but it cannot be used as a DAC-Only

The Theorem 720 only has only a USB input only.

The Theorem 720 has balanced and SE headphone out, and a SE Line Out but no Line In (therefore cannot be used as Amp-Only)

Both can drive the Alpha Dogs but I'm high gain and pretty much max volume on the DACAmp One whilst the Theorem 720 is on medium gain and 50% volume to match the DACAmp One.


Overall sonically speaking if one can tolerate the hiss of the Theorem 720 (which I can 'cos I've got tinnitus where I get a permanent hiss anyway) the Theorem 720 feels it can drive earphones and headphones with greater authority an ease. However many people are hiss-intolerant of which where the DACAmp One starts to look rather attractive, not to mention even more compact.


Please be aware these are very brief impressions and little talk about texture, micro-detail, etc.

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A couple of points I might add:

While the DAC/Amp One cannot play from USB and charge at the same time, it can, however, charge while playing via the optical input if one uses a power only USB charger rather than charging from the computer that is being used for the optical signal. It can also function as a standalone DAC if one uses the optical output jack to feed another preamp or player. ( That jack functions as both an optical input using an optical cable and an analog output using a 3.5mm stereo cable.) I have used it to send an analog output to my DX100 and other external amps while feeding the DAC/Amp One via USB.

I've also got to say that the sound is superb when using the optical input. A very nicely implemented device!
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@HiFlight, yes good point. It can be charging and used with Optical Input simultaenously. And thanks for the tip on the optical out being able to be used as a Line Out! I didn't realise that. I'd naturally try that this weekend.


I've not tested it's Optical Input capabilities yet. Exclusively USB input so far.

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Listening to DacAmp One this evening with Etymotics ER4S and Andrea Bocelli.  If you lift the volume to moderate levels the resolution in his voice is truly breathtaking. I'm not sure how Tralucent achieve such a high end sound though it certainly separates itself from any other DacAmp I've heard before. The product gains this high end timbre / clarity / resolution which all mixes together and just sounds 'sick'.  It's a shame I must send it on next week though I'll try and pop in again over the weekend.

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It seems that Gavin truly possesses the magic touch!
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Just received the DacAmp One unit that's touring Australia.


First impressions are that it's beautifully built with a really cool clean, but rugged feel. Will be trying it out shortly while I do today's work.


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Just plugged in the HE-500s and the DacAmp One is driving them admirably on high gain. The bass is not quite as authoritative as my desktop setups, but the sound is very controlled and smooth - impressive!

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Originally Posted by Loquah View Post

Just plugged in the HE-500s and the DacAmp One is driving them admirably on high gain. The bass is not quite as authoritative as my desktop setups, but the sound is very controlled and smooth - impressive!


Wow, really? I'm on high gain almost max volume for the Alpha Dogs.

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Wow. What are the specs on the ADs compared to the HE-500's 38 ohms and 89dB?

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