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For Sale: Audio Technica ES9W , AKG K340

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For Sale:
Audio Technica ES9W , AKG K340

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Beyerdynamic T1: 9/10 mint condition, with box and everything $665

Beyerdynamic T90: 8.5/10 $390


Sennheiser HD 520 ii: 6.5/10 good condition, sound very neutral SOLD!


Sennheiser HD 570: 7/10 good condition, it's 300 ohm, warm and smooth; pair with a good amp it sings beautifully. $90


AKG K340: 7/10 good condition with some mods and new earpads. $185

Audio Technica ES9W: 10/10 new. bought in November 2013 $165

Bottlehead Crack w/o speedball SOLD

Bottlehead S.E.X with C4S upgrade and 120 ohm resistor switch for sensitive headphone: including another pair of tubes. Sound better than the Crack w speedball with every cans I tried. $700 + shipping


Audio-GD SA-1.32 DAC: SOLD!

Prices include shipping fee within CONUS but not paypal fee. Buyers please add 3% or send payment as gift.

I do not want to trade at this time. 

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Would your recommend the Audio Technica Es9W or the ATH-M50?

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I haven't heard the ES9Ws but they are more portable and look nicer too.

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