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Hey everyone!


The time has come to whet my appetite and plunge head-first into hi-fi territory, but before I do, I feel it's wise to seek the advice of the wise (that's you!).


My setup in mind is:




The main concern, however, regards the genre I'll be using it for.  I'm primarily going to be listening to prog rock, with much more of a leaning towards the symphonic than metal side (I'm beyond anxious to hear Rush, Pink Floyd, Camel, Genesis, Yes, etc.).


There have been other posts weighing the best headphones for prog, and the Grado SR325is and RS1 appear to be a top tier choice.  HD650's were my first choice, but the professed love for Grados on many threads has me a little hesitant now.



My question is: Do you think my proposed set-up will suit the genre, especially considering its pairing with the JDS headphone amp and dac?  Will I be one satisfied customer?



I greatly appreciate any and all feedback!



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