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Hi All

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My first post. New here. Mostly interested in digital transports (PC, mobile audio, etc). My main HP is a Grado RS2. I do like Grado sound.


Looking forward to contribute to and benefit from learned members of this forum.



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Welcome to Head-Fi, and sorry for your wallet... ;)
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Thanks. And, yes, I know   :)

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Welcome :)


Remember trying the rs2. I found it to be loads better than for example 325i, really seductive sound for some music at least. The comfort killed it for me.

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RS2 is really good if you're into jazz, rock, metal type of music. Lows and highs are just right for these type of music. I found the timber body warms the music and removes some of the harshness  of Grados (I also have SR80).

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