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Mid-price desktop system

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Hi all,


I'm looking to build myself the best mid priced desktop system I can.  So what does mid-priced mean to me?  I'm looking to spend about $1500 for headphones, amp, and DAC with roughly $500 going to each.  Of course, those numbers are flexible.


The headphones I've picked are HD600s.  This is set in stone. They are neutral-ish with good balance.  I've had a chance to hear them, and they are exactly what I'm looking for.


So I'm looking for suggestions on an amp, and more importantly, a DAC to go with them.  Only requirement is that the DAC must have optical in.  I already have several combos in mind, but I would rather hear what others have to say without me commenting.


One final note, I am capable of doing DIY but I wont be able to do so for several months (life happens), and a bad case gear acquisition syndrome demands I take action soon.  So for the sake of this thread lets assume I can't, so any DIY suggestion must take into account builder services.



So there you have.  About $1100 for the best amp and DAC combo you can think of.  Show me what you got Head-Fi.



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Schiit Bifrost+Lyr (way less than $1100)


Meier Corda DACcord+Classic (a little over $1100)

AudioGD NFB10 ($800, I think), or a DAC plus one of their dedicated amps

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If you want to maximize the"emotion" you get from the HD600, then a hybrid / tubes system is the way to go.


the Steeplechase DAC (400$)

is a tube-DAC, and considered very musical and emotional


then, for an amp. you can take the transparent and powerful NFB-6 for ex.

(fully balanced, built like a tank, and will drive every headphone in existence (short of electrostatics)

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Alright, looks like we finally got the ball rolling.  A Schiit stack is definitely at the top of my list because of their great value for the money.  I've see AudioGD recommended often here, but I've never looked into them.  I'll give them a gander.  Same with Meier Audio.

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