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Shure SE846 - unfair price? (Europe)

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In the last couple of days I've been looking for new in-ear headphones to buy. I had a hard time deciding between Sennheiser IE 800 and Shure SE846 until I realized that the Shure officially sells for a far higher price in Europe than in the US while Sennheiser sells for about the same in both places. I'm just wondering why anyone living in Europe would buy Shure over Sennheiser with this price difference. I know if I bought the Shure - no matter how good they are I would always feel like I had been ripped off since they officially sells far cheaper in the US while Sennheiser sells for pretty much the same price in Europe and the US. I know and understand that a lot of items are far cheaper in the US compared to Europe but when you have two close to equal items (from what I've read from reviews) like IE 800 and SE846 it just seems a waste getting Shure if you do not live in the US. It might seem a bit stupid to complain about this when I'm already willing to pay 600 pounds for a pair of headphones but I just can't get over it :(. Did anyone else go with Sennheiser over Shure because of this?

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Sennheiser is a German audio company while Shure is an American , Eu taxes makes prices higher here. But its for all consumer electronic goods and not only for headphones.


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I understand where you are coming from but knowing Sennheiser are selling their product for same price as Shure in US while being far cheaper in EU makes me feel like I'm making a far better purchase getting Sennheiser - sadly I have no way of trying out both headphones before buying so I have to solely rely on reviews and pricing. I was just curious if other people chose Sennheiser over Shure for that same reason:). 

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The 846s are worth whatever I paid for them....is the way I feel.  Bought them here in the U.S., but would have bought them anywhere.  Its not about the money with me.  Not that I'm rich, mind you....its more a matter of my attitude the music I enjoy.


It's the way they sound, and for me, that is where the proverbial tire meets the road.

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i really cant see anyone at the price level here picking one over the other because its cheaper.  if your willing to spend £600 on IEM's then your going to pic the one you best believe will suit you.  cost at that point i think becomes largely irrelevant.


as to thi price differential its to do with distribution.  i imagine shure, like other US co's have a distributor in the eu that wants a slice.   oh and if you think shures cost more, go have a look at Westone and Grado, they are massively more costly this side of the water.

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I have been working for 15 hours so I could be dead wrong in my line of logic...forgive me if I am.


1.  The reason any of us look beyond stock earbuds is because we love music.

2.  When you get to ie800 and se846, I would rather get it right the first time.  The cost of a mistake at this level is crazy.

3.  You might look at a vendor outside EU, like earphone solutions, with good EU policy. I have no idea how VAT might work but it would be worth a phone call.


I wish you the best of luck.  I used to periodically work in UK.  If I still did, I would bring you some at US price.  Best wishes.

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