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Help me find an SD card

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Hey there everyone! I will soon be the proud owner of a Clip Sport and need a 32 gig micro SD card that will only ever hold music on it. I live in Canada so if you know of any cheap cards either online (I'm aware of amazon scams) or in a store please tell me. If you think I shouldn't cheap out on the card please tell me why.


I'm going to be buying a clip sport at a retailer as well so again, if you know of any deals on one please tell me.


Thanks for reading!

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I think you'd be fine with a Class 6 name brand card. Look at the popular ones on, and then see what you can get them for on Amazon Canada or Ebay. Doesn't have to be the fastest Class 10. If I remember correctly, I think I read somewhere that the fastest class of card really won't make much difference once you have loaded it up.

I do find that it's faster to load via a micro SD card reader instead of transferring the files when the card is in the Clip+. I do that when I want to change out a lot of the music.
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Thanks for the help but I was hoping someone might have a direct link to a "cheap" name brand card. The best I could do was a Sandisk Class 10 for $30.

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