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For Sale:
Beyerdynamic T90 $420 shipped in CONUS

Will Ship To: CONUS

Let me put it out there: I LOVE these things. Love them like a child.


I've been wearing them since Christmas however, and for whatever reason the sides of my neck are on fire if I wear them too long. I personally think the round shape of the pads really irritates me in some way. They might be blocking blood flow or whatever. I have no idea. My dentist said I have a really large jaw, so maybe that has something to do with it. I've stretched them and pleaded to the gods and everything else. I just can't tolerate them physically. 


I'm probably going to end up moving DOWN to an HD600 or HD700, which is going to make me cry. The crystal clarity and detail level of the T90 are just mind blowing. If this was not a health issue of some kind I absolutely would not be getting rid of them. I've never seen anyone else comment on this, so it's just me apparently. If I find out it's something else I'll pull the ad immediately, but this is all I've managed to diagnose, so they have to go.


Anyway, box, zippered pouch, the T90 themselves. All in excellent condition. If you want more pics just let me know.  

$420 shipped in the CON. US. Paypal for payment. 


I am in SOUTH CAROLINA if you want to pick them up for $400.    PICS



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