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Looking for comfortable Headphones that don't touch my ears (Over-Ear?) for around 100 Euros

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  • Shouldn't touch my ears at all and just be comfy over all as I often wear my headphones for over 8 hours a day and lots of smaller headphones really start to hurt after a while (I currently have this problem with the Creative Aurvana Live)
  • Not expecting amazing sound quality, just something decent for the price range
  • Primary usage will be Gaming
  • Kinda prefer open headphones, but in the end it really doesn't matter
  • Will use them with my phone from time to time, but this really does not need to be taken into consideration
  • As mentioned above, my budget is roughly 100 Euros


         Thanks in advance :)






And if anyone is wondering, yeah, I did make a similar topic yesterday. I felt it was just a mess and decided to start a new thread, hope this doesn't break any rules. Old thread can be deleted: here

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So after doing some research, I found two headphones that seems to fit what im looking for: The Sennheiser HD 558 or the Audio Technica M50. Both seem to be very good, but I feel the Sennheiser would fit me better. They have large pads and are open, as well as having decent sound and fitting the budget. What do you think?

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I have a big head and I find the Akg k240 to be
Very comfortable sometimes I even sleep with them on
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Open headphone, for gaming (big sound-stage), easy to run, comfortable, and forgiving...

You just described an Audio-Technica headphone ;)


for 100 Euro (140$), you can buy the ATH-AD700X...

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Sadly, the AD700x you recommended is no longer available in Germany... Any other suggestions? What about the headphones I talked about above?
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The Audio-Technica M50 is a "fun" and "nice" closed headphone... it might fatigue your ears after a while in too big a volume (it has a treble spike).

The Sennheiser HD558 is an open headphone, with a big sound-stage (much more than the M50's), and is very good actually. at the AD700 level I assume.

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Looks like the 558s fit me better then. How do they stack up against the AKG MK 240 II? Since the akg uses a 3.5 mm jack that would be more convenient in the rare occasion I use them with my phone. How do they stack up, especially comfort-wise smily_headphones1.gif
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the 558 will have much more volume when using straight from the phone.

the K240 mk2 might be more comfortable... but absolutely needs an amplifier to sound its best.


When you buy a new HD558, you automatically get a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter.

otherwise- you can buy it here:


it cost nothing..

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Hmmm, I did some more "digging" and found the Sony MDR MA900 for about about 125 Euros, the same price as the HD558. They seem to be great headphones, especially for the price and generally better than the HD558s. What do you guys think?

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It seems the MA900 usually goes for around 200 Euros, is getting them for 125 to good to be true? They are being sold through amazon, is this legit? Link

Please respond as fast as possible, really considering ordering these :D

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Sony discontinued the MA900s. So that's probably a closeout price on some overstock. Probably won't last long at that price because they have gotten hard to find.

The MA900s are also known for being extremely comfortable because of their light weight. See this review: http://www.head-fi.org/t/616401/sony-mdr-ma900-review

Given your concerns about comfort, I say go for them. I can't imagine you could choose better for comfort unless you would actually be able to try a bunch of headphones on in person.
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K man, thanks. Gonna order them :)

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Awesome! Come back and share how they feel and sound for gaming smily_headphones1.gif
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So, just got my MA900s and they seem to be the perfect headphones for me! The comfort is amazing: The big cups are amazing on my ears and nice and airy thanks to the open design. The headband is fine and since the headphones are just so light it feels like you are just wearing "air". They look nice as well, plain and black, just the way I like my electronics :) Seem kinda flimsy, but I think they'll be fine, especially for home use. As far as sound goes, they sound great, but as this is my first pair of "higher-end" headphones I can't really compare to anything. As far as Gaming goes, I've only played some League of Legends today, where sound is not really important, but I'll try out BF4 out on the Weekend. 

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That's awesome. Definitely sounds like you got the king of comfort for headphones smily_headphones1.gif
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