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My main objective is to use the ODAC's DAC and Objective 2's amplifier without a laptop. Since I don't own a laptop, and an iPad is too heavy to lug around.
Source components are a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2x (in which I don't know if it it even has OTG support, but I ordered a cable anyway, and a Fiio X3 (in which I'm pretty sure it doesn't have OTG support, but it has a Coaxial Out support).

When my cable comes, I can try:

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2x -> OTG Cable -> USB female to Mini-USB male -> NwAvGuy's ODAC/O2

But for now I want to see if it's possible to do:

Fiio X3 -> SPDIF -> Mini USB male -> NwAvGuy's ODAC/O2

Would be nice if the X3 had OTG support >_>

The thing with the FiiO X3's internal DAC is that it doesn't have a broad enough soundstage and doesn't bring out enough detail for a Q701.


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