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This is what weirdos get up to in bedrooms all over Thailand. Kinda embarrassed by the size of my dac, though  ;)


Mike Lavorgna copped a serve for having an 'untidy' desk when he reviewed a pair of larger-than-usual bookshelf monitors, and I'm sure I'll get flack for putting the laptop over the cooling vents on the amp, but it's all purely for dramatic effect. Hopefully the Taurus should be here within 10 days or so and I can relegate the Chord and the Marantz to their primary roles as DAC and speaker amp respectively, but it's fun experimenting with different cans and I adore the dark tonality of the Marantz via the LCD-2 : who knew ? Still havent got the coax cable I need to test the DAC in the PM6005, but I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully my photography will have magically improved between now and then. 






(and for the purists, I know those speakers belong on stands - all in the fullness of time)