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Hello, a month ago i buy Beyer DT770Pro after been tested in the showroom of a store. When use in my house had a strange "noise"; Do a research on the internet and it was said that noise would disappear after a long burn-in.

Two weeks ago the noise decreased significantly, in the same week i buy a uDAC-3. When connecting the uDAC perceived noise again and more clearly (thanks u uDAC :c )

The noise is a squeak as when the TV loses signal, in other occasions is like a knock on the door

What is the problem? Should I return them?

The headphones are Beyerdynamic DT770Pro 80 ohm

The noise can be perceived to perfecion in "Running to the sea" of Royksopp or in "Touch" of Daft Punk


Thanks :) (sorry for my bad english)