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For Sale: Aurisonics ASG 2.5 Stealth

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For Sale:
Aurisonics ASG 2.5 Stealth

Will Ship To: Anywhere


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price reduced.

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added for those who are interested my Pistons 2.0 free if you want it.

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Good day mate,


I'm seriously interested as I just returned my second pair of defected UM50 back to Westone. May I ask how long & how much will it cost shipping to New Zealand? Does it come with the original papers (invoice + warranty card) and packing cause I'm concerning about the warranty from the manufacturer.


Hopefully I'll get my refund from Westone in couple days time and we then can talk about the price if you don't mind cause I don't wanna commit the purchase but then turns out lack of penny. (by all means whoever wants it before my bid is fine). You can keep the Piston if you want.

Cheers, William

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