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Should I get a DAC?

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So my current setup is a lenovo ideapad P400 laptop and my Onkyo ES-FC300 cans. The other day when I was listening to some music I noticed that there was a little static when listening to a couple of songs. So I was wondering if buying a cheap external DAC would help remedy that problem.

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Could be. It might also improve the overall sound quality in other ways, too.

What is our budget?
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Something under 100 preferably. 

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At $100 is the Audioquest Dragonfly, version 1. For less, there is the FiiO E07K. The Dragonfly has to be plugged into a computer USB port. But the E07K can be used as just a headphone amp with other devices.
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I am thinking about getting the FiiO E07k since I found one at a nice price. 

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