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Introducing myself

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Hello! I'm bobthebot, student, computer hardware guru, newbie audio enthusiast, and sworn enemy of my own bank account. In my long and exhaustive search of teh interwebz for knowledge of the arcane art of audio reproduction, I've stumbled upon this site many times, I figure it's about time I become part of this community.   


Some information about my audio setup:  My source is a custom built PC running Xubuntu Linux 14.04, connected to a Schiit Modi DAC, which in turn outputs to my Schiit Vali. I only own two headphones that could be considered anywhere close to audiophile quality, the much vaunted Audio Technica ATH-M50, which I love, and the Hifiman HE-300, which I find nearly unusable. My music library consists primarily of power metal and folk metal such as Sabaton and Korpiklanni, with a liberal sprinkling of EDM, classic rock, and even a little classical.  


I look forward to taking advantage of the wealth of information available on this forum. (I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my wallet....)

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Welcome! And indeed, our unofficial motto is "Sorry about your wallet." Listening to a variety of music certainly can make it worse.

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Good to meet you smily_headphones1.gif

The HE-300s are unusable? Do some posting and sell them on the trade forums here and get yourself something else.
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