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For Sale: Meier Audio StageDAC

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For Sale:
Meier Audio StageDAC

Will Ship To: EU

Great DAC. Highly adaptable, there are so many settings to choose from, most importantly the crossfeed!

True bang for the buck.


I am not exactly sure how old it is unfortunately. I am the second owner, I got it from head-fier emertxe less than a year ago. It is in very good condition, the RCA outs are a little bit scratched but that does not degrade perfomance. I have always treated the DAC with lots of care.

It sounds very even and the crossfeed is a blessing for every headphone setup, at least in my opinion. It is even more sophisticated than it is in the Daccord that Jan Meier sells right now, as there are more options from which you can choose to tailor the sound the way you want it to be. There is little sonical difference to the Daccord, I'd even go as far as to say that the StageDAC is the more neutral one.


There are many reviews and impressions here on Head-Fi.

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Pending payment.

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